Tired of finding NO opportunties?

Investors are having trouble finding the right opportunities at the right time with the right entrepreneurs. Banks and Financial institutions want to locate SMB’s that fit with their capital solutions. Too often, both investors and capital solution providers face a fire hose of unqualified leads and they are left wasting time and effort as qualified companies search elsewhere.

eQuo helps you find the right opportunities by connecting entrepreneurs with the right funding and capital solution providers in the eco-system.

Wasted Time

Trying to find the right companies to invest in can be difficult with limited resources. It’s made worse when you face a fire hose of unqualified businesses that don’t match your funding or credit requirements. eQuo finds the right companies for you.

Wasted Effort

There is always another show and tell to see the next new start up, but the companies that you really want to meet are rarely in attendance. With eQuo, you are matched with only the companies that meet your criteria, saving time and effort.

Wasted Opportunity

Private investors, including family offices, simply don’t get to benefit from finding the right business opportunities early enough. They miss out on the upside potential created by a scaling business. eQuo provides the access to the most promising companies that will build our economy and your returns.

eQuo is the first distributed capital marketplace where entrepreneurs, investors and lenders can connect efficiently and only connecting entrepreneurs, investors or lenders together when they meet mutual needs and stated criteria.

We do all of this in a level, equal, fair and unbiased manner.
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If you are looking to connect, discuss or be involved beyond our Alpha program, send us a note at start@equoshift.com

Benefits of eQuo
Reducing wasted time

eQuo helps connect investors and credit providers with entrepreneurs that actually meet their criteria and requirements for funding. No more late nights giving up family time for presentations. Just qualified leads.

Increasing the amount of approvals

eQuo matches investors and credit providers with the right entrepreneurs so they can say YES more often.

Reducing the needle in a haystack for finding entrepreneurs

eQuo reduces the friction points experienced by investors and capital solutions providers by having our algorithms find the right entrepreneurs that actually match their needs.

Greater number of funding and credit alternatives

eQuo is focused on increasing the number of alternative funders and lenders available to entrepreneurs beyond the traditional eco-system. Investors, family offices and alternative credit facilitators have a home in our community.

Reducing the stress and anxiety entrepreneurs face

Sleepless nights? We get it. There are solutions out there and we intend to help you find them. Our community is there for you and the people that depend on you.

Increased partner support

eQuo is providing additional partner support to work with our investment and credit partners to create a deeper relationship with entrepreneurs. We want to develop real learning and understanding of financial educations through seminars, workshops and other opportunities together.

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