eQuo is a community built by entrepreneurs.
We want them to own our platform too.

Our investors are our users and the people who want entrepreneurs to succeed. If you want to invest in our platform, we’d love to talk with you.

For Profit Business

We maintain something that is often overlooked, a business model. While our platform is free for most users, we have multiple revenue streams with a strong profit outlook.

Not-for-profit Mentality

Our community is built intentionally on a belief system that you can make money, but you should also make the world a better place. We want to change the world and help entrepreneurs get to the next stage.

Global Platform

Our users are entrepreneurs with global ambitions. So are we.

eQuo is the first distributed capital marketplace where entrepreneurs, investors and lenders can connect efficiently and only connecting entrepreneurs, investors or lenders together when they meet mutual needs and stated criteria.

We do all of this in a level, equal, fair and unbiased manner.

Contact us

If you are looking to connect, discuss or be involved beyond our Alpha program, send us a note at start@equoshift.com

Our team
Barry Hillier

Founder and Partner
Barry Hillier is a quintessential bootstrap entrepreneur who loves to inspire, ideate, build and disrupt, and he has learned through his experience that building never happens in a straight line.

Paolo Frescura

Founder and Partner
Paolo holds a chemistry degree from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Schulich, which is why he is uniquely qualified as a Venture Investment portfolio manager and Business Strategist who

Kundan Joshi

Founder and Partner
Kundan Joshi is the award-winning founder and CEO of TheAppLabb, a leading product innovation firm focused on strategy, design and development of transformative experiences with Apps, Artificial Intelligence

Dan Turcotte

Founder and Partner
25+ years of media and communications work with an education in vocal music and voice technique for broadcast.

Sudhanshu Govil

Founder and Partner
Sudhanshu is a seasoned executive with a track record of delivering digital strategies and transformations. He is a highly regarded strategist known for his integrative thinking and ability to connect the dots across Technology,

Shawn Wells

Founder and Partner
Shawn brings over twenty years of experience working in the advertising business where he evolved a philosophy that there are no small clients.

Brenda Halloran

Chair, Startup Canada Former Mayor, Waterloo /CEO Waterloo Innovation Network

Peter Schwartz

Founder, Kognitiv/Laurence Capital Corp Co-Founder Communitech

Chris Carder

Co-Director, Entrepreneurship, Schulich School of Business, Founder, Thindata & Kinetic Café

Kevin Stolarick

Innovation Researcher, OCAD/ Ryerson, former Research Director, Martin Prosperity Institute

Joanne Fedeyko

CEO of Connection Silicon Valley, Founder of Accellerate, former Executive Director of the C100

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