When the world says no.

The funding ecosystem is inefficient, disconnected, hard to navigate and full of no. Let’s face it, entrepreneurs face geographic, gender, demographic, and wealth barriers, exacerbated by a capital market structure that can’t effectively find and support the majority of entrepreneurs.

Wasted Time

Every minute matters when you are an entrepreneur. You can either focus on building your business, or you can waste your time looking for funding. We want entrepreneurs to build their companies!

Wasted Money

High cost of capital, misalignment with investors, restrictive long-term commitments. Too often entrepreneurs struggle to find the right capital, and it costs them in equity and high borrowing costs.

Wasted Energy

You can’t underestimate the emotional and mental toll placed on entrepreneurs who are looking for funding and / or who need to find cash flow management solutions. It’s harder than anyone realizes. We get it.

eQuo is the first distributed capital marketplace where entrepreneurs, investors and lenders can connect efficiently and only connecting entrepreneurs, investors or lenders together when they meet mutual needs and stated criteria.

We do all of this in a level, equal, fair and unbiased manner.
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If you are looking to connect, discuss or be involved beyond our Alpha program, send us a note at start@equoshift.com

Benefits of eQuo
Reducing the cost for borrowing and capital

eQuo believes that entrepreneurs deserve better lending options that provide fair terms for funding and capital.

Increasing the amount of approvals

eQuo matches entrepreneurs with the right funding and capital solution providers so that entrepreneurs hear YES more often.

Reducing the barriers faced while accessing funding and capital

eQuo reduces the friction points experienced by entrepreneurs, allowing them to find the right capital that matches their needs.

Greater number of funding and credit alternatives

eQuo is focused on increasing the number of alternative funders and lenders available to entrepreneurs beyond the traditional ecosystem.

Reducing the stress and anxiety entrepreneurs face

Sleepless nights? We get it. There are solutions out there and we intend to help you find them. Our community is there for you and the people that depend on you.

Increased emotional and financial support

For too long entrepreneurs have fed our ecosystem while being placed at the bottom of the ecosystem. No longer. We intend to put entrepreneurs at the top of the food chain, where they belong.

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