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built for entrepreneurs and investors, we’d like you to join us.
Entrepreneurs face barriers daily that drain their mental, emotional and financial well-being. Conversations begin with “I love what you’re doing”, and end with “No, I wish I could help, let me introduce you to someone”.

Most entrepreneurial support goes to start-ups or companies generating $10 million dollars or more. The rest are ignored and called “small”. 800,000 “small” entrepreneurs generate 70% of all the jobs in Canada and one-third of our GDP. There is nothing “small” about them.

What’s small is the amount of funding and support our entrepreneurs receive. So, we are doing something very un-Canadian. We’re stepping off the sidelines and asking people to get involved and become part of a community to help our entrepreneurs hear “Yes” more often.

Welcome to eQuo.

A platform full of entrepreneurs, investors and capital providers who understand just how “big” small can be. And they’re willing to actively participate in building a community that can make a difference. Our goal is to help companies between $250,000 and $10,000,000 to get to the next level. By supporting “small” companies, we build jobs, grow economies, support marginalized entrepreneurs and help solve global problems.

Join us, if we all “think small” together, we can show just how “big” small can become.
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If you are looking to connect, discuss or be involved beyond our Alpha program, send us a note at start@equoshift.com

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About eQuo

Too many entrepreneurs are left out of the current ecosystem. Unless we are all included, we all miss out on opportunities to realize our collective potential and the economic and social benefits that come with it. eQuo is dedicated to all entrepreneurs and investors, regardless of sex, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

eQuo provides funding and capital alternatives that complement the traditional ecosystem.

eQuo invites high net-worth investors and family offices who want to invest in SMB’s but don’t use traditional Angel Networks to find them. We also include small scale investors who may not invest a lot of money individually but can collectively help raise a company to the next level through crowd funding campaigns. Additionally, eQuo offers alternative capital and credit solutions to solve cash flow problems such as lines of credit, credit cards, currency exchanges, invoice factoring and other credit facilities.

We’re owned by our members

eQuo intends to be a for-profit company with a not-for-profit mentality. This is why will be crowdfunding, allowing our members to own the eQuo platform. This way, our community directly benefits from our growth and we can re-invest money into providing new features that will benefit entrepreneurs, investors and capital solution providers.